Outdoor Creativity Art Kit - 3 projects for kids

Outdoor Creativity Art Kit - 3 projects for kids

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Outdoor art projects that have nature in mind!  This kit for kids has 3 projects suitable for ages 5-12 (with some adult supervision for young ones).

Project 1: Pollinator Wildflower Bombs
Press wildflower seeds into earthenware clay "bombs"  and have fun throwing them off your deck into the garden for an energy releasing activity.  You can make 3 wildflower bombs then the next day when the clay has dried out watch them explode and distribute seeds that will grow into lovely flowers for the bees.

Project 2: Flower Pot- kiln fired clay
Learn how to make a functional piece of pottery with your own flower or herb pot.  Learn some basic techniques of sculpting and glaze and sgraffito your way to a beautiful piece to fire in our kiln.

Project 3: Beaded Sun-Catcher
Forage a stick from nature and then thread a beautiful selection of beads through string and wire to create a sun catcher for your window.  This project will require patience and imagination and keep little fingers busy for a few hours.  The kit comes with gorgeous colourful beads, string, and copper wire.