Take Out Pottery Project - Planter Pots

Take Out Pottery Project - Planter Pots

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Spring is here! With growth and life springing forth on our minds, we designed this great project bound to have your family laughing and excited about spending time together, and making something that will have you looking back on this time together with fondness.

This project will guide you through the creation making a clay herb or flower pot. Have fun creating together! Once these come back from firing in the kiln they will be all ready for you to plant them up with houseplants or cute succulents. You can fill them with earth and plant right into them! Pick out your under glaze colour preferences and experiment with texture imprinting, scraffito and adding ornamentation, while learning some of the core skills of hand building. When you are happy with your design drop your planters off with us and we'll glaze and fire for you.

We'll send this project with everything you need to make your project a success, along with suggestions of common household objects that will take your project to the next level!

$35 including glazing and firing.- Easter special


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