Bring Your Bubble  - Thursdays (Free)

Bring Your Bubble - Thursdays (Free)

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Owners Jenny or Kate will give you a tour of the gallery, tell you about the history of the building, and the fantastic local artists we've invited to adorn the walls. Did you know the Feiderlein Building has served the community of New Dundee and the townships since the 18th Century?

While you are here, why not take some time to savour the creative atmosphere and get some ideas for your giftees this holiday season in our Maker Market. Everything is locally sourced within Wilmot or Waterloo Region. From jewellery to chocolate, textiles to tea each item is unique, handmade and combines form with function, allowing you to live more intentionally, share local culture all while playing a vital role in your community! We even have boutique horticulture - plant babies!

We welcome you to bring a bottle to enjoy while you take in the artworks. We can accommodate a group of up to 10 people.

Masks are required. Sanitiser is provided.