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Escape | This Month's Online Show

Meet our artists and discover your new favourites from Waterloo Region. Grab a glass of wine and explore our monthly show from your favourite comfy chair!
Lets have a look at what some of our artists have been making in their studios this winter. As we move towards spring and continue focusing our efforts on staying safe and healthy, the idea of experiencing different spaces and places has become really appealing!
This bold geometric painting by Kitchener's Becca Rabchuck really echoes an iconic art movement with it's roots in the 1930's. She has used bold geometric shapes to suggest a landscape, whose sweeping curves feel generously welcoming. 
Sasha Ormond is a filmmaker living in Toronto but originally from Kitchener. She favours analogue equipment like antique cameras and film. This photo was taken in the rural farmland around KW on a Polaroid SX-70, using film that has not been made since the 1990's. The combination of angle, colours and suggested peripheral narrative describes is powerful.
Martin Polanic is a Slovenian - Canadian painter. His paintings all have a traditionally Slovenian folk feel, with the rich suggestion of a enchanted narrative. The haze of a halcyon summer evening soaks this painting, the late summer wildflowers and wheat nodding in a warm breeze in this hillside meadow. 
Wildflower Meadow, Oil on board, $220
This painting by Dan Gee combines his clear illustrative style, with a striking acrylic pour technique. His precise study of this hallmark of high summer is really amplified by the dreamy, psychedelic qualities of the poured background, which itself speaks the collective memory of an idle summer.
Dragonfly, mixed media on canvas, $250
Mexican Canadian artist J. Diaz is deeply inspired by her heritage. Such an intensity of colour captured at a transitional time of day. The seguara cactus seem to be reaching up out of the desert to the sky. You can almost feel the warmth of the setting sun emanating from this painting! 
Desert Sunset, acrylic, $300.
White Owl Mystic uses art as a way of communicating messages and information from another consciousness. This digital collage is part of a series representing the signs of the Zodiac...this one is Aquarius, for all you February babes. How fitting that this image depicts a timeless bather, gazing toward the heavens, awaiting her next move.
Aquarius digital print $16.
This painting captures an affectionate moment between two gentle creatures. The title 'Take My World Away' has many angles. April is challenging us to consider emotional intelligence in other species, and value their lives accordingly. 
Take My World Away, Mixed Media on board, $300
Kristen Dahman has painted this crystal clear snapshot of Halfway Log Dump in Tobermory...despite the blue sky, sunshine and turquoise water you know that water is icey cold!
Kristen is based in Kitchener and works out of her studio there. Many of her paintings summon the familiar landscape of Ontario. 
 Halfway Log Dump - Waters Edge, acrylic, $300
Who couldn't imagine escaping to this secluded bothy, on some far flung heath? All you'd need would be your pens and pencils, some provisions and you'd be set for a while! Lynette Tilt uses her deft needle to felt these colourful rovings into a scene of secluded bliss. As a New Dundee resident, Lynette pulls on her experience of local agriculture, and that of her textile art mentors to create her vignettes. 
Lynette Tilt Mini $65